HD/SD/3G SDI Audio


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The 1.5G HD/SD Embedder-DeEmbedder is offering an easy solution, to process digital audio embedded into an SDI data stream. Therefor the DEEM15HD supports all standard video standards for SDI and HD up to 1.5G.

The key feature of the DEEM15HD are:

-  two selectabel SDI Inputs
-  easy accessable monitoring outputs for the SDI
|  Input, Output and the embedded audio signals
-  two SDI outputs
-  four AES inputs with selectable SRC and
|  NON PCM (e.g. Dolby) detection with automatic
|  disabling of the SRC to maintain data integrity
|  of the NON PCM signal.
-  four AES outputs
-  Dolby Metadata Input and Output
-  automatic Dolby E alignment correction
-  AV Output
-  Audio-Shuffler + selectable Audio Delay

ad Dual


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The 1.5G HD/SD DeEmbedder is conceived for easy audio deembedding from digital video sources.The DEEM15HD is supporting all common SDI video formats up to 1.5G HD video.

The key feature of the DEEM15HD are:

-  two selectabel SDI Inputs
-  easy accessable monitoring outputs for the SDI
|  Input and the embedded audio signals
-  four SDI outputs
-  eight AES outputs
-  one Dolby Metadata Output
-  five GP-I/O > 2x galvanically isolated,  3x TTL
-  one AV Output  
-  Audio-Matrix + selectable Audio Delay     

ad Dual


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The AVSW1221 is an flexible Audio Video Plattform with  options for video and audio prozessing                                
Mainfunktions of the AVSW1221 are:                                   
- up to 12 AVSW Mainboards plus 12 Connector Boards    
- up to 6 SDI(SD/HD/3G/[4k*]) Inputs per Mainboard/Connector
- up to 6 SDI(SD/HD/3G/[4k*]) Outputs per Mainboard/Connector
- BNC und LWL
- one Video und Audio Monitor Output on to front
- all Video Inputs are routable to all available Outputs of the      | designated Connector Baord
- Audio Deembedder Option with up to four AESi Output per Slot
- optionlal Video Prozessing Subprint for up to two Video Lines 
|- > DUAL Frame Store, Safe Switch, Embedded Audio Prozessing
- Dual Power Supply                                                                - Linux Based Embedded Controller Card for Network functions                                                              
[* 4k Options in development ].....

Loudness Monitor



The Embedded Audio Multichannel Monitor is an easy tool for
monotoring of embedded Audio Singals.
The Monitor has follwoing key features:

- 6x SDI Inputs direct key selectable
- all 8x embedded Audios are also direct selectable
- 2x AES AUX Inputs
- Support of Dolby Audio Formats
- Dolby E, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital +
as downmix via the internal LSP
- Loudness measurment for alle Audio Signals
- Loudness measurment for Dolby E with applied Metadata
- Anzeige der Dolby E Meterdaten
- Allignment measurment for Dolby E
- Alle Multichannel Audio channels are available as analoge signals  
- Alle Multichannel Audio channels can be selected and monitored with
the internal speakers